Tonkotsu Chashu Noodles </br>とんこつチャーシュー

Tonkotsu Chashu Noodles

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A rich broth of meaty pork bones, brewed over a long and slow flame for 24 hours, infusing with the noodles and tender roasted Japanese Chashu.

Heating Instructions
Decant soup base and boil in a non-stick pot until thoroughly heated, boil noodles in a separate pot of water for 8-10 minutes on medium to high heat. Strain noodles and combine together in a large bowl
This dish is pre-cooked, keep frozen

Food prepared in our kitchen may contain all or portions or traces of the following; Soy, wheat, modified starches, gluten, eggs, honey, peanuts, tree nuts, seeds, seaweed, fish and shellfish. 
No Added MSG or artificial colouring

Note: Chashu slices vary in quantity and weight is a minimum of 150g per portion and excludes vegetables as depicted in the picture. Vegetables are best when served fresh as frozen vegetables will not maintain its taste and texture.